Why Alibaba Cloud

Offer you cost effectiveness

Alibaba Cloud offers highly flexible support services tailored to meet your exact needs.

Expand your business in China and Asia

As a native Asian company and Asia's No. 1 IaaS service provider recognized by Gartner*, Alibaba Cloud can accelerate your success in Asia.

Respond to your request on demand

A dedicated technical account manager (TAM) will be assigned, and a dedicated DingTalk instant messaging group will be created to support enterprise customers.

Support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies

Hybrid Cloud is equipped with over 50 full-stack product portfolios and solutions.

Commit to protect your data and comply with the regulations

Alibaba Cloud adheres to international information security standards and is committed to using international best practices.

Alibaba Cloud Solutions Offer You

Cloud Migration

Building an auto scaling system on Alibaba Cloud.


Building a global network architecture on Alibaba Cloud


Setting up database performance benchmarking on Alibaba Cloud.

Containers and Microservices

Comparing performances of different networks for Alibaba Cloud kubernetes clusters.

Security and Compliance

Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) to Alibaba Cloud using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).